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Crawfish – Live 30 lbs. Bag

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Crawfish – Live 30 lbs. Bag

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Live Crawfish by the bag, fresh from South Louisiana.

See below for ordering.

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Our live crawfish are brought in fresh throughout the week during Crawfish Season, straight from our South Louisiana supplier.  Each bag weighs 30 lbs. and is typically enough crawfish for 15 or less people, depending on how many fix’n you have with your boil.

Things to Remember:

  1. Place Your Order as Early As Possible – Please order as early in the week as possible, at least 2-3 days before you need the crawfish.  Cut-off times for orders can vary from week to week due to high demand periods such as weekends and weather.

  2. How Do I Order?
    a.  Call (972) 434-8500 
    b.  Email Us – .
    Email Orders will have to be confirmed by phone call.

  3. Pickup Order – Pickup Times will be set for each order.  We try to get the crawfish to you as soon as they arrive.

  4. Pricing – Pricing is updated weekly, so please call the week that you need your crawfish to get the most accurate price for your order.

  5. Size – Typically we sell:
    a.  Washed/Graded Crawfish, which are lots that have had the small crawfish removed, have been rinsed by spray and bagged.
    b.  Select Crawfish are not available until mid-April or early May, if at all.  Highly dependent on the season.

If you need potatoes & corn and seasoning, just let us know we can provide you with a Joe’s Complete Boil Package.

Live Crawfish are sold at Market Price each week so please call Joe for pricing and orders @ (972) 434-8500 .

  To Order Call (972) 434-8500

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Weight 30 lbs

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